How to activate Chase Debit Card

chase debit card activation

Congrats for receiving your new chase debit card! If you are looking out for instructions on how to activate your chase debit card, then this article will surely help you.

All the new chase debit card holders must activate their account before being able to use it. Chase implements this extra layer of security for the security of the bank account holder.

One can activate the debit by any of the 3 ways mentioned below:

  1. By Phone РCall on 800-821-2333. The call will be connected to Chase Debit card activation department. The customer support will ask you questions to verify your identity (date, Date of birth etc). Once verified your debit card will be activated.
  2. Using ATM – Visit any Chase bank ATM and swipe your card. You can simply request for your account statement or do any small transaction and your card will get activated.
  3. At any Chase branch – Walk into any nearby Chase branch. Bank staff will help you out with your card activation.

In case you are still facing issue with card activation,¬†please call on this phone number 1-877-242-7372 (24×7).

Last Updated on 01/05/2017

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