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Nordstrom credit card is issued by TD Bank, USA and can be used anywhere where Visa is accepted. Nordstrom offers 4 types of cards – Retail card, Debit card, Visa card and Visa platinum card. The retail card can be used only Nordstrom stores and its affiliate partners.

The debit card is same as the retail accept the fact that the money is directly deducted from the checking account. Visa and Visa Platinum card can be used across any Visa merchants besides Nordstrom stores. One can earn upto 2 points per dollar spent at Nordstrom stores using these cards.

Nordstrom provides existing accounts holders with an easy-to-use online platform to manage their account. One can login to the account to view account balance, latest transactions, raise disputes and more. On this page we have given step by step instructions on how to use each of the online features:

                                                                                                                                                                         rewards and features
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How to login in Nordstrom Credit Card Account

Step 1: Navigate to Nordstrom credit card login web page – Linknordstrom credit card login

Step 2: Enter your Username and Password.

Step 3: Click on ‘Sign In‘ button.

If the credentials match with the Nordstrom database, you will be redirected to your accounts page.

Nordstrom Credit Card Bill Payment

Nordstrom provides multiple ways to pay the card bill. One can choose whatever is more convenient for them.

Online – One can pay their credit card by logging into the online account. Once logged in, click on ‘Pay Bill‘ button and complete the payment.

By Mail – One can also send the checks and money order at:
P.O. Box 79139
Phoenix, AZ

Forgot User Id/Password

In case you have forgotten your username, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open Forgot Username page – Link.
Step 2: Enter your card number, name, CVV code, last 4 digits of SSN and zip code.
Step 3: Click on Continue button.

Your username will be sent to your registered email address.

nordstrom credit card forgot usernameTo reset your account password, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Navigate forgot password page – Link.

Step 2: Enter your Username and click on ‘Continue‘ button.

Step 3: On the next page enter your card number, CVV code, last 4 digits of SSN and zip code.

Step 4: Click on ‘Reset Password’ button.

On the next page, you will get the option to set a new Password for your account.

nordstrom credit card forgot password

Nordstrom Credit Card Activation

To activate your newly received card, follow the steps given below:

nordstrom credit card activate

Step 1: Visit card activation page – Link.
Step 2: Enter your card number, expiry date, last 4 digits of SSN and date of birth and click on ‘Activate’ button.
Step 3: On the next page enter your email id, phone number and set your account username and password.

Your credit card would get activated following the above steps. In case you face any issue during account activation, contact support.

Report Lost/Stolen Card

In case your credit card is lost or stolen, call on 1-800-964-1800 (for credit card) or 1-866-445-0426 (for debit card). Your card would be deactivated and a new card will be issued.

Customer Support

One can get in touch with Nordstrom customer support by one of the following ways:

Phone NumberGeneral: 1-866-491-7860
Visa: 1.866.445.0433
Retail: 1-800-964-1800
Debit: 1-866-445-0426
Colorado Service Center
P.O. Box 6555
Englewood, CO
Payment AddressRetail
P.O. Box 79139
Phoenix, AZ
P.O. Box 79137
Phoenix, AZ

Nordstrom Credit Card – Features, Rewards, and Reviews

Card Features

Type Visa
APR Rate 10.90% to 22.90%
Cash Advance APR Rate 14.90% to 22.90%
Cash Advance Fee 3% (Max $5)
Foreign Transaction Fee
Max Late Fee $35
Annual Fee N.A.
Grace Period 25 days
Minimum Interest 0.50$
Terms and Conditions View Here


  • Intro Offer – 20$ gift card if you spend $100 on the first day of receiving the card.
  • 2 points per dollar spent at Nordstrom store, Nordstrom Rack,, Haute Look, and Trunk Club.
  • 1 point per dollar spent elsewhere.
  • Card holders get early access to the anniversary sale.

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