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The PayPal credit card is issued by the Synchrony Bank, USA and can be used wherever Mastercard is accepted. Paypal provides 2 credits cards to choose from, namely PayPal Extras MasterCard and PayPal Platinum MasterCard. If you are a regular PayPal user, then this is a ideal card for you, even better if you spend a lot on travel and restaurants. You can earn cash back and rewards on all your purchases done with the card.

Paypal offers one of the best account management tools to manage your credit card. You can simply login into your PayPal credit account to view account balance, due amount, transaction history and more. Here, we have given you easy-to-read instructions on how to use each of account features offered.

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Paypal Credit Card Login – Guide

To access your PayPal credit card account, follow these steps:

Step 1: Navigate to the PayPal home page – Link.paypal credit card login

Step 2: Enter your registered e-mail ID and password.

Step 3: Click the “Log In” button.

Upon verifying your credentials, you will be granted access to your account.

Paypal Credit Card Bill Payment

PayPal credit card payments can be done through a number of ways, i.e., via your PayPal account page, through mail or even over the phone.


Step 1: Login to your PayPal account (Refer login guide).

Step 2: Select “Make a Payment” under the PayPal Credit menu on the left side of the page.

Step 3: Check the amount due, select your payment method and date of your payment.

Step 4: Click on the “Continue” button.


You can mail a check or money order to the following address.

PayPal Credit
P.O. Box 105658
Atlanta, G.A. 30348-5658


Step 1: Navigate to the PayPal home page

Step 2: Click on the “Help & Contact” link provided at the bottom left corner of the page.

Step 3: Click on the “Call Customer Support” link on the next page and login to your account.

Step 4: You will be provided with a Customer service number and a unique Passcode that gets expired within 60 minutes of you receiving it.

Step 5: Call the Customer Service number and provide the unique passcode. Follow the instructions further provided to proceed to credit card bill payments for your account.

Forgot User Id/Password

To reset Password for your PayPal account,

Step 1: Open Paypal account sign in page – Link.paypal credit card forgot password

Step 2: Click on the “Having trouble logging in” link provided.

Step 3: On the next page, enter your PayPal email id and click “Next”.

Step 4: Select “Receive a Text” or “Receive an email” according to your preference.

Step 5: Enter the unique six-digit passcode sent to your email or phone to proceed to reset password page.

Step 6: On the next page you will be given the option to reset your password.

Activate your Card

Once you have registered for the PayPal Extras MasterCard or PayPal Platinum MasterCard, a credit line is automatically added to your PayPal account page and you can start using it immediately. The card is sent through the post within 7-10 working days. To start using your card, activation is necessary.

Step 1: Navigate to your PayPal account page.

Step 2: Enter card details as required on page.

Step 3: If verifying via phone, call customer support at (866) 300-6432 and follow the instructions given.

Report Lost/Stolen Card

In case your PayPal credit card gets stolen or is lost, it should be immediately reported, so as to avoid fraudulent money withdrawals or purchases.

To Report Lost/Stolen Card via phone

Call Customer support to deactivate: 866-300-6432

To Report Lost/Stolen card online,

Step 1: Login to your PayPal account, and click on the “Profile” icon next to “Logout” button.

Step 2: Go to “Profile & Settings” and click on “My Money”.

Step 3: Click “Update icon next to the PayPal Credit card option.

Step 4: Now, click on “Report lost or stolen card

Step 5: Now click on “Deactivate”, which will immediately bar your card from being used.

Customer Support

You can contact the customer support team with the help of this information:

Phone Number1866-300-6432 (toll-free)
AddressPayPal Extras MasterCard®
P.O. Box 960080
Orlando, FL 32896-0080
Web Url

Paypal Credit Card – Features and Rewards

APR Rate 19.99%
Cash Advance APR Rate 19.99%
Cash Advance Fee
Foreign Transaction Fee
Max Late Fee $35.00
Annual FeeN.A
Grace Period 25 days
Minimum Interest $2.00
Terms and Conditions View Here


  • 2.4% rewards rate for using the card at any gas station or restaurants.
  • 1.5% rewards rate for purchases at PayPal and eBay.
  • 0.8% rewards rate for rest of the purchases.

Last updated on 31/05/2017
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